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The Natural Night Sleep Program: a transformative aid that ends sleepless nights and assists natural sleep

(PRLEAP.COM) Oct 13, 2010 – Relaxed, peaceful sleep is as important to your health and productivity as food. If you aren't getting at least seven hours of sleep every night, you're not supporting your optimal health and well being, and could also be a hazard to yourself and others if you drive a vehicle. You just don't perform as well, the next day.   The Natural Night Sleep Program is a state of the art recording that combines sound and suggestion to effortlessly guide you in to natural sleep, and to enjoy all the rejuvenating benefits of deep sleep. Developed by experienced hypnotherapist Johneal Rouse, the program includes enchanting vocals by ambient singer and songwriter Marcomé.

It is thought that one in three adults in North America as well as in Europe has suffered from insomnia over the last 12 months. And with this number rising during chilly conditions, thousands of us are clearly not prepared to be left feeling tired during the day,
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In results with beta testers and purchasers of the program, problem sleepers experienced:

• A reduction in the time taken to fall asleep, on average sleep onset was reported within 20 minutes of getting in to bed and turning on the recording
• A very marked improvement in alertness during the day 
• A reduction in sleep interruptions by one third 

Johneal Rouse, the hypnotherapist who created the program, said “There’s an important link between the quality of your night sleep and the quality of your day.  Knowing that you are consistently able to get the night rest you need enables greater confidence and ease in facing and going through your day.”

To experience the benefits of the Natural Night Sleep program, the recording is to be listened to before going to bed and will guide the listener in to a deep sleep.  Listening to the program over consecutive nights allows the positive messages to filter through to the subconscious mind, and creates beneficial change in sleep habits within a matter of weeks. 

The program offers a wholly natural and non-addictive sleep solution so you won't have that that dull, "hung-over" feeling the next day. Instead, you will wake up feeling refreshed and rested. 

The Natural Night Sleep Program (retails at $29.99 as an mp3 download or $34.99 to have the physical CD shipped) is available from www.nightsleepisnatural.com. The program is available for purchase worldwide.

Press Contact:
Johneal Rouse at Johneal Rouse Healthy Living Solutions/ +44 (0)20 75852076 / johnealrouse@ymail.com

Media Interviews

Interview with Motivational Radio September 2010 - on this 37 minute interview I share tips and advice for sleeping naturally and easily, and share an impromptu mini hypnosis demonstration with Sleep suggestions. Left click to listen online, or Right click and click 'save as'/ 'save link as' to download and listen later.